Developers and Flood Prone Areas

There has been a lot of talk recently with respect to developers building on flood prone areas. Proposed new changes to the Queensland Development Code should result in less damage to property in times of flood. The proposal, named “Construction of Building in Flood Hazard Areas” seeks to ensure that buildings located in flood hazard areas –

  • Resist flotation, collapse or significant permanent movement caused by flood water; and
  • Safeguard occupants and other people against illness or injury caused by flood water affecting buildings; and
  • Are appropriately protected from the effects of flood water by standards for utilities and drainage outlets associated with buildings.

The result of this for developers is that there could be significant rises in the cost of building applications in flood hazard areas.  Whether an area is a flood hazard area will be determined by the relevant council, in the event that it is then the developer needs to satisfy the council by way of an engineer’s report that the area is compliant with proposed new provisions of the code.

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