QCAT Dramas

QCAT Dramas

Who doesn’t enjoy a good law-based television series? Rake, The Good Wife, Boston Legal, all personal favourites of mine, apparently Suits is popular though I only lasted half an episode with that one. The formula for an episode of most of these programs is the same, someone has been wronged, or is accused of doing wrong, the stars of the show then immediately march off to court to obtain justice for their client, add in some witty banter, some comedy a touch of drama and then the judge finds in favour of the star’s client. All wrapped up in about 48 minutes.

Obviously, in reality, the legal system does not work as efficiently as this, nor is it as entertaining. Many court proceedings can drag out for years and often for very valid and understandable reasons.

However, the reasons for delay are not always understandable. In the below article which appeared in yesterday’s Courier Mail the journalist uses the word “farcically”, and that is spot on. The Tribunal in this matter was not deliberating over some highly complex case, it wasn’t even deliberating on guilt. In February 2018 Mr McGillivray had been found guilty of the charge of careless riding. We were just waiting to receive his penalty.

The Queensland Racing & Integrity Commission proposed a 9-day suspension, we argued that something less would be appropriate. For 18 long months QCAT must have agonised over this decision, and then they made it. A 9-day suspension. As far as TV episodes go, this would not have made a good one. “very slow” “this really went nowhere” “I’ve aged almost 2 years watching this” may have been some of the critic’s comments. Its only saving grace perhaps was the little bit of added drama in the end where it seems QCAT thought… given we’ve let this hang over his head for 18 months lets hand down the decision so that the suspension commences just as the spring racing carnival starts.

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