Racing & Cobalt Charges – The Controversy Continues

Racing & Cobalt Charges – The Controversy Continues

In the wake of two recent QCAT decision which have not gone in favour of trainers charged with Cobalt offences (QRIC v Rachel Scott & Graham v QRIC), a number of experts have written to the highest authorities in the country expressing their concern. They have urged racing regulators to implement an immediate moratorium on prosecutions for alleged Cobalt offences. The serious concerns they have outlined are –

  • That the current testing methods are prone to “false positives” due to vitamin B12 and urine concentration effects leading to convictions of innocent parties;
  • Trainers being convicted due to cobalt exposure in feed and environment outside of their knowledge or control;
  • The use of population studies on race day samples from horses with unknown exposure in feed supplements and the environment, to set a threshold;
  • The confusion and misinformation regarding the potency and potential toxicity of cobalt salts.

These experts are pushing for financial and administrative support for a multi-disciplinary Committee of Inquiry to attain consensus on future regulation of cobalt in racing animals. As industry professionals, Miller Sockhill Lawyers have been provided with the letter sent by the experts and you can read this via this link –

Link to Text of Open Letter re Cobalt 23.08.2019

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