Often one of the most important assets of a business is the premises from which it operates. It is therefore imperative that if these premises are leased the terms of that lease are commercially beneficial to you. We have the skills and experience to assist you in negotiating the terms of your lease to obtain the best possible outcome. Our Commercial Leasing Lawyers also regularly assist commercial landlords in the drafting of commercial leases including compliance with relevant legislation including the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld).  

We further advise on such issues as your rights and obligations under the lease, the costs associated with the lease and whether you wish to pay for the registration of the lease and the mortgagee’s consent for further insurance.

We provide timely and expert advice in the areas of:

  • Retail, Commercial and Industrial Leases
  • Pre lease due diligence (for both tenants and landlords)
  • Agreements to Lease
  • Advice and documentation relating to the exercise of options
  • Rent review disputes
  • Lease disputes including mediation and litigation

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